Macpi 341, the fusing machine that looks to the future

A revolutionary solution that simplifies fusing processes while fully respecting the environment. It is the Macpi 341 continuous fusing machine, a versatile, safe high-tech unit characterized by an innovative steam-only, electric-only or combined steam + electric power supply system.

Macpi confirms once again to be coherent with the company mission focused on the design of cutting-edge machines that make interconnection 4.0 and the reduction of energy costs their key factors. In addition there is the desire to facilitate the employees operations, allowing them to work in maximum safety with unparalleled results in terms of efficiency and performance.

Let's find out the details of the Macpi continuous fusing unit.


The continuous fusing machine 341 Macpi stands out in the Fusing market for the following characteristics:

The machine is designed to greatly simplify the cleaning and maintenance phases. It is also equipped with a cold belt in the loading area which, in addition to avoiding the shrinkage of the fabrics, guarantees the operator a more comfortable workstation.

Features and configurations

The machine can be supplied in various sizes and configurations


The choice of the machine power supply is a fundamental aspect, which allows companies already equipped with a centralized steam system to further reduce their electricity consumption.

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