Industrial machines for jackets pressing: Macpi more and more 4.0

Macpi confirms itself at the forefront of technological and process development for the clothing industry. We are happy to announce the 4.0 evolution of our machinery for the automatic jacket finishing line: a further progress that makes our solutions increasingly interconnected with management and control systems, with a long series of benefits for your business.

4.0 jacket pressing machines: Macpi solutions

Some of the Macpi machines for jacket pressing released in version 4.0 are:

517 Carousel for combined front and back pressing, right / left: 120 ° carousel for front and back pressing of jackets. A high-performance machine that saves valuable time: the garment is pressed while the operator prepares the next. Also suitable for long coat.

506 - 507 Carousel for ironing the right / left front: 180 ° carousel machine with steaming shapes and separate vacuum right / left .

234 Shoulder, sleeve and armhole pressing: Unique automatic unit with two independent movable upper shapes, orientable and adjustable for perfectly orthogonal pressing to the lower last.

250 Collar and lapels pressing: Collar and lapel pressing of jackets and coats have never had such excellent results! In fact, the machine guarantees very high precision ironing without stretching the fabric.

207 Right and left front quarter iron in final - man: electro-pneumatic ironing machine with manual operation and adjustable ironing pressure and shading height.

The advantages of 4.0 technologies for your business

Among the advantages of interconnected 4.0 machines we point out:

We remind you that 4.0 technologies are part of the tax relief and relief plan provided by the national plan promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

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