Macpi, 60 years of success in the name of family continuity

Giovanni Cartabbia, one of the founders of Macpi, passed away  on 23 September 2020. A brilliant person, with a far-sighted mind and always looking towards the future, in search of innovative results to be pursued with will and tenacity.

It’s important moral and management heritage continues to live on in the commitment of the descendants. First of all, the sons Paolo and Elena, respectively CEO and CFO of Macpi, who every day face this great responsibility with enthusiasm.

But a new generation is coming forward. The four grandchildren Edoardo, Beatrice, Enrico and Eleonora have been operating in the company for some years. Young people ready to carry on with honor the reality started by their grandfather, making his mission their own and at the same time giving their personal contribution to the growth of the brand with a young spirit and sincere motivation.

In 2021 Macpi will blow out its first 60 candles. We are preparing to celebrate this goal increasingly united in a strong family bond, thanking Giovanni again for all he has been able to teach us.

Thanks, Giovanni!

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