Industrial production PPE. Macpi to support the health emergency

Macpi keep going during this moment of great upheaval for the daily lives of all of us, we have chosen to remain operational by converting some textile machinery now aimed at the production of protective gowns and disposable masks. A way to stay alongside all those who work in healthcare facilities and industrial laundries washing for the hospitals, offering a valuable contribution that we are very proud of for the safety of operators and patients.

The sanitization machine is added to the converted technologies, which is particularly useful for supporting clothing stores during the delicate phase of reopening and until the end of the emergency.

Reconversion of textiles: Macpi machinery for the production of PPE

Below we illustrate the Macpi machinery for sanitizing garments and those involved in the conversion process for the production on an industrial scale of protective gowns and disposable masks.

Machine for sanitizing clothes: the 995 ozone cabin

Ozone machine for the sanitization of clothing very effective for the daily processes of industrial laundries and hospital laundries. It is a model that releases pure ozone and does not imply the use of toxic products. An efficient machine that saves waste: thanks to its watertight seal, ozone penetrates into clothing, from clothing to socks to accessories, 100% sanitizing them. Finally, ozone is converted into oxygen without any dispersion in the environment.

Resistant and compact - measuring 75 x 75 cm - this technology is well suited to be inserted in an already operational work environment and is also able to accommodate large-sized garments. 75 x 100 cm version available on request.

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Units for the production of protective gowns and disposable masks

Indispensable PPE for all those who work in hospitals and nursing homes, protective gowns reduce the risk of contracting infections and at the same time protect against the spread of dangerous microorganisms towards weaker patients.

Macpi's 336.59T technology is a hot air seam sealing machine suitable for any type of garment, including footwear. The taping prevent the penetration of fluids and bacteria. Thanks to the innovative design of the heating system the consumption of air and power are reduced, as well is equipped with differential control on rollers, electronic metering device and intuitive touch screen to set the parameters.

Equally useful is the 700.70 ultrasonic machine for the production of disposable masks and protective gowns, with this technique.

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Disposable mask pleating machine

Equally important PPE, the disposable masks protect us and the others. In this regard, we present the Macpi machine 338.75, a semi-automatic solution for pleating, pressing and automatically cut the maks, equipped with cutting length programming. Watch the machine at work:

Among the other features highly appreciated by our customers is the automatic unloader and stacker along with the automatic alarm once the roll is finished, to optimize your working time.


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