Shoe modeling and adhesion: the 3D evolution of Macpi

Among the technologies for the clothing and fashion industry presented at the Simac 2020 fair in Milan, the Macpi waterproof shoe forming and adhesive lamination machine has met with particular interest. A successful project that offers the most important shoe companies in the world the same benefits as the seamless and heat-sealing and waterproofing techniques now well known to fashion houses, in a promiscuity of sectors that is increasingly trendy.

With its ability to pre-form and waterproof a knitted shoe thanks to the internal membrane applied with Macpi machines, the 398 model marks a further increase in the production and quality standard. Let's see all the strengths of this solution.

Details and features

The Macpi 398 machine is equipped with three vertical descending rotating heads used for loading, heating and cooling the shoe. A complete all-in-one process that allows you to obtain a finished shoe without seams and resistant to water.

In particular we highlight:

Added to this is the advanced digital touch-screen through which to manage the operation and programming of the machine, so as to customize its use based on the materials and the desired result.

All the specifications in the data sheet.

The versatile and performing stitch-free

One of the great advantages of the 398 Macpi model is its versatility of use, depending on the processing, programs are set that interact with the various components included in the various processes, obtaining the required technical solutions. An opening to the fundamental future, given the growing demand for stitch-free footwear. And the shoe obtained? It certainly responds to the highest levels of comfort, elasticity and waterproofness, essential characteristics for the sports sector.

Macpi is once again confirmed as a world leader in the design and construction of cutting-edge machinery for the clothing, shoes and accessories industry: consult the events calendar and come to visit us at our stands.